An in-house or broad one-year programme for seasoned managers is useful when

  • You want to develop one or more of your managers’ ability to successfully implement current and mid-term change projects within your business,
  • You want to develop an exchange of professional experiences between your managers and the managers of other businesses, and
  • You want to ensure that participants continue to develop their effectiveness in their every day work life and are able to consciously try out new impact strategies.

 Possible themes of a one-year programme

  • What does a transformation for change require of others and of me?
  • How do I uncover new possibilities in others and in myself?
  • What is essential to me, and how do I keep sight of this?
  • What attitudes are useful when leading others and myself in change?
  • What (performance) measures do I set for others and for myself?
  • How can I develop strength and resilience?

One Years Programme Graphic

Participants build an atmosphere of trust and can decide at any time what to bring to the table and what to take away. There is no fixed agenda but a great deal of curiosity, which is contagious and supports both discovering and trying new opportunities! Networks are built during the programme by improving cooperation (we favour learning in groups of three). Each participant keeps sight of what is important to him/her as s/he works through the individual modules.

Seasoned managers greatly value being able to make a connection between their visions of what is essential and the external demands of change. Calm and relaxed inward reflection leads to uncovering new potential. This increases curiosity about self-change. At the same time, the strong link between this self-awareness and daily practice becomes clear. This leads each individual to experiencing realisations and ideas that are enthusiastically carried into everyday life.

We work as a consultant team (2 consultants per year group) with a maximum of 12 participants per group.

A possible format

  1. Identification of participants (we are happy to help with this) and clarification of whether the programme will apply to an in-house or broad group.
  2. Individual Check-in: The programme starts with participants and consultants getting to know one another. An individual’s personal views on him/herself and the change will be worked through in a trust-based dialogue resulting in initial, concrete agreements.
  3. The one-year group takes part in five modules that run from mid-day to mid-day and are spread over a 9-15 month timeframe. The focus may be: self-management – who am I? What are my skills? What will I change? Management by Options – Self-management in uncertain times. Strengthening evaluation skills and facilitating self-management during change. Successfully connecting with others. Developing team performance.
  4. With your agreement, each participant receives a coaching voucher so that s/he can receive this type of support alongside the group work.
  5. Transfer Coaching: the year concludes with an individual coaching session with the consultant team.
  6. Establishment of a self-managed, collegial advice group, where applicable.

This is merely an example process. We tailor the programme to your objectives and, of course, adopt the tools and models customarily used by your company.

We have collected, assessed and improved experiences while working on the One-Year Programme with our target group over the course of eight years. Experienced consultants support your seasoned managers. During the process, we ensure that participants are responsible for their own development – something our proven approach makes both extremely easy and fun.

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Dr. Andreas Selck is the PE-Solution consultant in charge of the programme.