A Leadership Check for seasoned managers is useful when

  • You want to offer your seasoned manager broad feedback to encourage self development, without creating conflict,
  • A manager wants to “examine” his/herself for the purpose of self-reflection, and
  • Alongside recognition of his/her inner potential, also wishes to improve his/her tangible efficacy.

In our experience a Leadership Check is a very intense experience for participants. It drives them toward long-lasting behavioural change that is applied to the immediate circumstances arising during daily operations.

Possible themes for a Leadership Check include

  • What do I want to achieve and what effect do I actually have?
  • How can I improve my effectiveness?
  • What inner potential am I not yet using?
  • What habits show up in my approach, and which would I like to change?
  • How does my behaviour match the changing environment?

Participants build a trust-based relationship with a consultant. They define their own learning objectives during a preliminary coaching session, and also identify key questions for the observation sequences. The seasoned manager’s active engagement leads to immediate rather than future development.

A possible format

Flowchart Leadership Check

Flowchart Leadership Check – click for enlargment

  1. Clarification: Who ’sponsors‘ the measure? Who is the client?
  2. Clarification: Approach and how to handle outcomes.
    Intro-Coaching: Motivation, Resource Assessment: „Where am I in my development and my experience? What changes have I experienced within my environment and within myself? What changes am I now aware of? What are my personal objectives for this support process? What are those of my key stakeholder? What challenges do they experience and how do I wish to impact these?“ Identify key questions for the observation process.
  3. Clarification of the preliminary „on the job“ support process: Transparency, Participant Information.
  4. „On the job“ support for the seasoned manager: structured observation during mission critical situations.
  5. Assessment with the manager, feedback, inner potential and how to release potential, setting learning steps.
  6. Where applicable, a second support session: Implementation of what has been learned, further observation.
  7. Second assessment: Steps for implementation, obstructive habits (Immunity to Change).
  8. Implementation coaching: setting a continued, self-managed development process.
  9. Where applicable, a meeting between the seasoned manager, ’sponsor‘ and consultant.

This is merely an example procedure. We tailor the programme to your objectives and, of course, adopt the tools and models that are customarily used by your company.

We have sixteen years’ experience in Leadership potential Analysis and development-centres. Your seasoned managers are supported by experienced consultants. During the process, we particularly ensure that participants are responsible for their own development – something that is easy and fun using our proven approach.

Do you have any questions? Call us on +49 531 120 456 789 or send an email to info@pe-solution.de.

Jürgen Weiss is the PE-Solution consultant in charge of the programme.