An Impulse Programme for seasoned managers is useful when

  • You want to support managers in continuing their self development.
  • You are looking for a simple, resource-efficient format that is highly effective, and
  • You want to ensure that participants experience a high level of satisfaction and motivation while continuing to build their “upgrade”.

Possible themes for an Impulse Programme include

  • What is my authentic leadership style?
  • What (actually) motivates me?
  • What makes me effective and how can I improve my effectiveness?
  • How can I lead authentically, even during change?
  • How does my strategic environment change?

Participants build an atmosphere of trust and can decide at any time what to bring to the table and what to take away. There are no learning objectives: we promote curiosity – and curiosity is contagious! During the programme, participants develop networks by improving cooperation (we favour learning in groups of three). In this way, we also ensure that results are sustainable over time.

Seasoned managers greatly value the fact that the programme addresses their own personal issues rather than discussing external challenges. Openness is also encouraged by the fact that the group is homogenous and there are no “rookies”. Inward reflection is facilitated within a calm and peaceful environment leading participants to discover new inner potential. This increases curiosity about self-change. The strong link between self-awareness and daily practice also becomes clear. This leads each individual to experience realisations and ideas that can be enthusiastically carried into everyday life.

A possible format

Impulse programme graphic

  1. Participants are selected (we offer advice on this process!)
  2. Initial contact: telephone conference – participants are given tasks to clarify their personal objectives, 360° Feedback commences (1 hour 30 minutes)
  3. Module 1: Looking inward – building trust-based relationships, learning groups of three seasoned managers, motivation, actual leadership style, testing personal effectiveness, reflection on the desire for personal change, feedback, personally ensuring results are carried into the day-to-day (3 days)
  4. The learning group meets (two half days), implementation of self-chosen tasks
  5. In-depth discussion with a coach (2 hours)
  6. Module 2: Looking outward – personal effectiveness, 360° Feedback appraisal, handling change, the seasoned manager as coach (2 days)
  7. Follow-up (1 day), where applicable

This is merely an example process. We tailor the programme to your objectives and, of course, adopt the tools and models customarily used by your company.

We have gathered, assessed and improved experiences while working on the Impulse Programme with our target group over the course of nine years. Your seasoned manager is supported by an experienced consultant. During the process, we ensure that participants are responsible for their own development – something our proven approach makes both easy and fun.

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Jürgen Weiss is the PE-Solution consultant in charge of the programme.