Seasoned managers want to develop – but don’t want to be treated like trainees.

Managers aged 45 and over that have many years’ leadership experience are a valuable company asset. They have experience and influence. They play an important role in change processes but are often seen negatively in terms of their willingness to change. In our experience, they benefit enormously from our specially customised programmes by working in homogenous groups and supported by an experienced consultant.

Benefits for seasoned managers:

Seasoned managers are able to address issues more quickly and freely when they work in homogenous groups that are genuinely relevant. Generally, they are not about “career” issues or “quick outcomes using management tricks”, but are about personal effectiveness, meaningful activity and calm/resilience. Our programme directly targets motivation and addresses the important issues. This makes sustainable change possible and creates worthwhile new company networks.

Benefits for the Human (development) Resources department:

Within the realm of talent management, the target group of seasoned managers usually falls between the cracks. At the same time, seasoned managers are a massive company resource. Using our impulses, we involve participants in our programme and facilitate development rather than defensiveness. This also strengthens company loyalty and openness to change processes. Retention Management represents an additional building block during periods of skills shortage. Our consultants are experienced at working with the target group and we customise our targeted programmes to your challenges and business culture. In this way, you improve seasoned managers’ development and increase overall company agility.

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