Seasoned managers as drivers of change: what we mean.

We offer support to seasoned managers during change. This can be achieved through individual coaching or within a small group programme. Seasoned managers engage in change by taking on responsibility as “drivers of change”. By adopting this role there is less resistance to receiving advice, from the company viewpoint.

Seasoned managers as drivers of change is useful when

  • You wish to exploit your seasoned managers’ potential during the change process.
  • Everyone must be on board with the upcoming changes.
  • You value participation and meaningful influence.

Possible themes for the support programme

  • What things have I created to date as a seasoned manager and how can I find the willingness to apply these to change – and create something new?
  • What promotes transformation for change in myself and in others?
  • How can I meaningfully and effectively influence the change process?
  • What useful advice can I offer the company?
  • How can I increase my influence, even during change?
  • What internal blocks hinder others and me?
  • How can I increase my personal power and resilience?

Participants build an atmosphere of trust and can decide at any time what to bring to the table and what to take away. External results and internal reactions are reflected upon. Participants develop networks by improving cooperation (we favour learning in groups of three).

Seasoned managers greatly value sharing with like-minded colleagues. This increases a willingness to support the company in the change process.

A possible format

  1. Clarifying the mission: What does the company hope to achieve with this change? What responsibility should seasoned managers take on in this?
  2. Identifying participants (let us advise you in this).
  3. Small group programme: Check-in Workshop: Participants and consultants getting to know one another is the programme’s starting point. The company’s mission for the group is clarified. The personal viewpoint of one’s self and the change process are established and lead to the first concrete commitments.
  4. Small group programme: Half and full day modules. The number of modules is adapted to the length of the change process. The themes are set in line with the questions above.
  5. With your agreement, each participant receives a coaching voucher so that s/he can receive this type of support alongside group work.
  6. Where applicable, colleagues set up a self-managed consulting group.

This is a merely an example process. We tailor the programme to your objectives and, of course, adopt the tools and models customarily used by your company.

Your seasoned managers receive the support of experienced consultants. We provide multi-lingual consulting on request.

Do you have any questions? Call us on +49 531 120 456 789 or send an email to

Jürgen Weiss and Alex Villar-Hauser are the PE-Solution consultants in charge of the programme.