The effective, classic approach: a dialogue between seasoned manager and Coach.

1:1 coaching for seasoned managers is useful

  • When faced with important, personal decisions, or
  • When faced with important, company decisions, or
  • When faced with an extremely unique challenge where there is a need for external advice.

Possible themes for 1:1 coaching are as varied as life itself

  • How can I better address current challenges?
  • How do I remain healthy and content while doing so?
  • How do I resolve specific management situations?
  • Do I even want to tackle these challenges, or would I rather look for alternatives?

A seasoned manager is perfectly able to decide when outside advice might be helpful. In any case, coaching addresses personal issues. For this reason, consultant confidentiality is imperative. Sometimes it makes sense for the manager and sponsors (e.g. HR or senior management) to agree a contract in advance. Our experienced consultants also offer support to do this.

A possible format

  1. Preliminary check-in meeting: Can we work together effectively? The seasoned manager decides following a preliminary session.
  2. Where applicable, the parameters and contract are agreed between the seasoned manager, his/her “sponsor” and the consultant.
  3. Individual sessions carried out at a self-selected pace.
  4. The manager and consultant complete the sessions and review changes.
  5. Where applicable, there is a follow-up meeting to ensure successful implementation.

This is merely an example process. We tailor 1:1 coaching to your objectives and framework conditions. This is merely an example process. We tailor 1:1 coaching to your objectives and framework conditions. Many of our consultants have numerous years’ experience coaching managers at all levels.

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Alex Villar-Hauser is the PE-Solution consultant in charge of the programme.