Seasoned managers want to develop – but don’t want to be treated like trainees.

Who do we mean?

Leaders with over seven years‘ management experience who are typically over 45 years old.

What makes these managers stand out?

They are experienced, influential and generally have a long involvement with the business.

What are the preconceptions around seasoned managers?

  • No interest in personal development
  • Prioritise securing their own position
  • Discourage rather than support change

Our experiences

Seasoned managers want to develop – but within a fitting environment!

‚Standard training‘ based on feedback or active listening does not appeal to seasoned managers. They want to evaluate their own experiences and weigh up which behaviour they would like to change. For this reason, seasoned managers require a higher degree of autonomy. Normative training programmes („You should do this!“) are therefore counterproductive.

Real curiosity develops when seasoned managers are encouraged to self reflect and focus on the individual – not when they are under put under pressure from external demands. Sharing with other seasoned managers stimulates an interest in cooperative learning. The potential for network-building and the learning groups promote this.

Seasoned managers want the support of experienced consultants who are clearly able to convey how they can widen their personal influence.

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